Norweigian massacre cannot be politicized

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The attacks on Norway have struck terror in the hearts of the world public. The world witnessed but could hardly understand these inhumane events. Every one of us has only realized the capacity of human to inhumanity.
It all began with a bomb explosion in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, that killed 7 people. But the real massacre took place some time later on the island of Utøya, where hundreds of young people had gathered for a summer school of the Labour Youth (AUF). The island was given to them by the trade unions of Oslo and is a place of great symbolic importance for the whole labour movement.
From the very first moment there were efforts to put the blame on al Qaeda (who else?), or to some “fanatic”, “bloodthirsty” Muslim. Many prolific figures of world politics stressed the need to continue the “war on terror”.

This was a good opportunity after all to justify, their otherwise unjustifiable crusades. This xenophobic theory was quickly proven groundless. It nevertheless showed the power of the propaganda that exists in the west ever since the horrific events of 9/11.

The person who has been arrested, Anders Behring Breivik, is in fact quite the opposite of what was originally perceived. He is a Christian fundamentalist and was an active member of a far right political party.

The terrorist attacks, have been politicized ever since the very first moment. This is absolutely wrong and misleading. The events need to be treated as terrorist attacks, as criminal actions – not as politics. The individual must be seen as a sick person, as a criminal that deserves punishment.

The fact that he was politically active does not imply that the ideology he espoused would reach such inhumane ends. Just as we cannot blame the Christian religion for the crimes of individuals who call themselves Christians, so we cannot blame the political ideology he believed in, even if that ideology is totally wrong, even if we all disagree with it. The same of course would apply if the individual was a Muslim, or a follower of any other religion and member of any sort of political party or ideology. Just as serial killers are not politicized so should Anders Behring Breivik.

Crimes must always be condemned. More so hate crimes and crimes against humanity. But making a sick killer, the center of political debate is nothing more than propaganda and a cheap excuse to forward political agendas.

I am sure that the Norwegian people will endure and overcome the shock of this inhumane act. Words simply cannot ease the pain of those who lost their beloved ones…

Rest in peace to all the victims.

Contributed by Protesilaos Stavrou


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