Finland wants the Parthenon and a couple of Greek islands as collateral

Citing diplomatic sources recently, Italy’s the Corriere della Sera newspaper reported that Finland apparently wants the Greek Parthenon and several of our islands so that it can give its “green light” for the new rescue package that was designed to bail out Greece. The report in the paper said that this was Finland’s condition for the new loans, and they want guarantees on state property such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon and several Greek islands, that would correspond to the sum of 300 billion euro Euros. Knowing how ridiculous that sounded, the Italian newspaper wittingly said that in the event of bankruptcy the Greek Parthenon would be sold and/or transferred to Helsinki.

Germans want our islands, Finland wants the Parthenon, the British want our marbles, the Turks and the Americans want all of our natural gas and oil…. I need to guzzle down at least two bottles of whiskey in order to stomach and keep up with all this absurdity.

As a proud Greek citizen… I simply say… “This my dear foreign friends is Sparta… and with my five fingers opened wide I simply say PARTA!!

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