Will Aghia Sofia operate again? (VIDEO)

Supporters of the grandest symbol of Orthodoxy Aghia Sofia are looking into regaining its original status, as expressed by the president of “World Parish of Aghia Sophia,” Chris Spyrou at a press conference recently. 
He announced that Turkey is now going to be held accountable in a European court of law for the desecration that it has allowed to take place at this holiest of churches.
“There will be opportunity for Turkey and its political leadership to justify the unjustifiable,” said Mr. Spiro. He was accompanied by two other Counsel members of the World Parish of Aghia Sofia, Achilleas Demetriades and Costas Paraskeva who drew up the application that was lodged at the EU Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.
Speaking to reporters, Mr. Spyros analyzed all the legal details of the procedure and said that a formal complaint of 350 pages had been submitted and then expressed the optimism that it will be accepted.
He stressed that the organization has been operating since 2005, and since its founding wrote to the Turkish Government and personally to its Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, seeking to end the desecration of the Holy Church and all the activities that occur there and violate the sanctity of Holy Wisdom. 
Supporting this drive are several members of the US Congress and Senate, who have already been briefed by Mr. Spyros and are keen on the restoration of Aghia Sophia to its original status as an Orthodox Christian church. 
 (If this comes to pass… it will truly be a miracle)

The Fall of Constantinople 1/3 
Please log on to youtube and watch part 2, and 3
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