Nelson Mandela’s dream becomes a nightmare

 By Dennis Yannoutsos and Eric Klopper
Pre 1994
By the 1970’s South Africa had developed a strong economical position, a world class infrastructure and technological advances in all fields. The South African defence force, one of the most powerful conventional military forces in history, was greatly feared and admired throughout Africa and the world. The SADF was one of the very few military forces combat proven against the Soviets, East Germans, Cubans and many African forces at the same time.
Medunsa, the Medical University of South Africa was at the time the biggest trainer of black medical professionals of all fields in Africa. A staggering 80% of all African doctors were trained for free by the South African government. The majority of African engineers, mechanics, technicians and many other technical and professional fields were trained in South Africa.
This South Africa developed by the Whites before 1994 was naturally a matter of envy for the rest of Africa and many others throughout the world. 
The world wanted change.


During the early stages of the 1990’s the Whites of South Africa was given the opportunity of voting in a landmark referendum to decide the future of the country. During this historic YES/NO vote the citizens of South Africa were given the choice of remaining a free white country or a neo-liberal multi culturist society. While there was a large media campaign pushing for the Yes vote, very little media attention was awarded to those who supported the NO vote.
Unfortunately this created an environment where not all the facts about similar historic events throughout the rest of Africa were made available to the people of the nation. This was, understandably, a very emotional decision and the majority of the peoples voted with their hearts a resounding Yes to live as equals with all races that make up this rainbow nation.
Sadly this decision would come back to haunt them.

Mandela’s Dream

The well known vision that Nelson Mandela shared with the world after 1994 was of a rainbow nation, one that was free of discrimination, united and strong. With the foundation of the strongest African economy and infrastructure this should have been a great starting point for the African Renaissance.
This vision, generally accepted by the outside world, and the motivation to have all sanctions dropped against South Africa, was of a country being a democratic role model for not only Africa but the rest of the world to follow.
The South African human rights charter and constitution was seen as a beacon of decency and equality.
After receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, Nelson Mandela worked on a country where all individuals were afforded the best opportunities the country could offer which was non discriminatory.
While under his leadership, South Africa looked to be on course to develop into the Rainbow Nation the world was sold on.
While South Africa appeared to be the Rainbow Nation of the vision, sadly the dream did not last long.
1998 Thabo Mbeki 
The cracks start to show
With the 1998 general election Thabo Mbeki was voted in as the next president of South Africa, he’s reign would set the tone for the future of South Africa. The crime rate at this point was building quickly, to epic proportions, and at a rate that was not understood by the rest of the world; a crime rate that would soon become the worst in modern day history.
The crimes committed, and the seemingly government indifference to it, soon started showing sinister undertones of a broader assault against a segment of the population.
Whites were by this point largely forced out of public service including the Police, Military, Citizen Force and all intelligence services.
A large scale movement by the government to remove private weapon ownership from the hands of white citizens was at this point already in motion.
Thabo Mbeki’s brother in law Robert Mugabe during at this point started with large scale land invasion in Zimbabwe, invasion that would turn Africa’s bread basked into a basket case.
The clear reality here is that this would never have happened during the 80’s and early 90’s as the South African security forces would have enforced the United Nations charter on land ownership.
If this had happened prior to the 1992 referendum the whites in South Africa would have seen this as a clear indication of what is to be expected in South Africa and would have voted NO in the majority.
The ugly face of black racism had reared its ugly head, with comments by the minister of police and other telling whites “If you don’t like the crime rate, leave” becoming commonplace.
The remainder of Thabo Mbeki’s reign was characterized by rising crime, taxes and a fast decline of infrastructure and a quality of life for all.
It is interesting to note that the average life expectancy in South Africa dropped from about 70 years before 1994 to around 50 years currently.
This era also saw the rise of the political oligarch’s and extreme nepotism.
2009 – The Zuma fiasco.
The 2009 election of a suspected rapist, Jacob Zuma, showed the true morality of the modern day South African political environment.
During the run up to the presidential elections he received mass support from the president of the ANC Youth League who was already known for singing Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer at rallies, universities and schools.
Julius Malema, the ANCYL leader, would become a key contributor to Jacob Zuma’s campaign.
Also important is the fact that Jacob Zuma was directly linked to corrupt arms dealing with European Arms Manufacturer.
A president with five wives and twenty two children, who would further the plight of the white South Africans by continuing the Mbeki tradition of signing into power legal and financial provisions created to rob the whites of their wealth and ability to protect themselves.
The Current State of Affairs
These following topics on SA will be covered in greater detail in follow up articles to give a clearer picture of the dire state of affairs in South Africa.
In April 2010 the  South African year on year crime statistics were completed. At the time the Police commissioner blocked the publishing of the crime statistics stating that the media would use the statistics to show the ANC government in a bad light. Ironically by the end of 2010 the police commissioner suddenly released the Crime Statistics which showed a marked improvement from previous years. One cannot help but wonder how much the figures were doctored in 8 months between the completion of the statistics and them being finally released to change the view from one that would be badly received by the media to one that was a marked improvement.
The 2010 soccer world cup held in South Africa was proclaimed a roaring success and many foreign nationals were surprised by the lack of a criminal element/experience while on the shores of South Africa. Most South African citizens experienced a very unusual time of peace over this period one that started the month before the world cup and ended very soon after the completion of festivities. In fact the SA crime rate dropped massively during this time period. On would be forgiven to wonder if the crimes were not possible orchestrated by the government, why else would there be such a complete hiatus in the crime in the country when there was an abundance of soft easy targets. 
It is interesting to note that when a well publicized incident of crime happens against a foreign national or in the very rare occasion when there is white on black violence the typical time frame from crime to conviction is 30 days. Whenever there is black on white crime unless there is large scale media attention it will rarely get investigated at all. With the police often asking the victims of horrible crimes if they want to make a case at all.
The prisons before the ANC came into power were across board at 75% capacity for South Africa and South Africa had a conviction rate of 85% of all crimes committed. Currently there are twice as many prisons in South Africa with a standard occupancy of 400% with only 5% of all crimes that were even investigated going to court, never mind reaching conviction stage.
Recently there was a case that made news headlines of a criminal that had been caught for a violent crime and in court it came out that he was out on bail for no less than 80 other cases of rape, torture and brutal murder. Sadly, unsurprisingly, he promptly received bail again. Not only was he awaiting trial but he had already been convicted multiple times.
The farms murders have reached epidemic status in South Africa with all the murders not simply being a case of killing the owner but in every case the families murdered are brutally raped and tortured to death, with age or gender making absolutely no difference in the matter. From young babies through to old great grandmothers being the targets of the vicious genocide. The police and their political masters brush this off as nothing more than simple crime that affect everybody. But critics are quick to point out that the level of sickening brutality seen in all the cases of black on white crime is pointing to a low key genocide being perpetrated against the whites in this country.
This week a near farm robbery raised light on what many have already suspected. The robbers broke into the farm house and when realizing that the farmer and his family were in fact black, apologized profusely saying that they thought that it was a white owned farm and left without taking a single cent of the families money or harming anybody on the farm.
Farm murders in South Africa Part 1 of 2

 Farm murders in South Africa Part 1 of 2
Above links to a South African documentary on the Brutality of Farm Murders in SA.
We will be covering the subject of Julius Malema, Economics, Immigration, Genocide, Constitutional Matters, Education and other subject in further articles but would like to leave you with a brief footnote on Julius Malema, the current ANC Youth League and future president of South Africa. 

Julius Malema 
Keeping the best (or rather the worst) for last

    A young political upstart Julius Malema as seen by many to be the same quality African leader as many of his own role models like Idi Amin, Mobutu Sese Seko and Robert Mugabe. He is already forging a path that can only be seen as one with blood beneath his feet to the future throne as president for life of South Africa.While we can say much about Julius Malema, and we will in future articles, his words are best suited to show his true nature and intent for whites, not only in South Africa but across the world.
    “Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer”
    “All whites are thieves and we need to forcibly take everything they have.”
    Nothing further needs to be said.
    Is this Nelson Mandela’s dream? 
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