Cyclists set off from Tripoli to join Syntagma Square Indignants

Following the Spartans, who walked to Athens from Sparta, nine cyclists on Saturday began a bike ride from the city of Tripolis in the Peloponnese to Athens, a distance of some 193 kilometres, hoping to arrive for the protest being organised in Syntagma Square by the Greek Indignant Citizens Movement tonight.
The aim of the organisers, who hope to be joined by cyclists throughout the Peloponnese, was to demonstrate for the citizens’ right to peacefully protest and to express their indignation and concern over the brutal police response to protestors on June 28-29.
The state news agency said that the cyclists are due to arrive in the city of Corinth on Saturday night by following the old national highway, with intermediate stops at Mylous, Nafplio, Argos and Hiliomodi in order to join other cyclists.
On Sunday morning they set off from Corinth with intermediate stops at Agious Theodorous, Kinetta, Megara, Nea Peramo, Elefsina and Aspropyrgos, straight for
Syntagma Square in Athens.
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