Dimaras raises question about security and condition of explosive materials

The tragedy in Cyprus at Limassol’s naval base, which resulted in the deaths of 13 people has raised questions about what type of security is being used by Greek authorities in guarding the same sort of explosive materials in this country. According to a Greek Parliamentarian, presently  there are confiscated explosive materials stored in four areas around the country, and are more or less in the same condition that the materials in Cyprus were just before they exploded.  

The issue was brought to parliament by MP Giannis Dimaras who underlined that, “although a related question was forwarded to the Greek Defense Systems’ board twice in the past, no competent action had yet to be taken”.  
According to him, there are 34 containers full of explosives that have been transferred to Greece from Iraq in the area of Lavrio (where the Greek Defense Systems are based).
Additionally, and since 2004, there are 700 tons of similar material stored in Astakos that have yet to be destroyed.
This indeed is alarming news!
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αμέσως, σύντομα, επί του παρόντος

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