The gov’t of Cyprus has failed they must resign immediately – Say angry protesters!

Anger and indignation are the emotions that permeate the people of Cyprus, who saw the end-products of their government’s irresponsibility, maladministration and lack of professionalism, that cost the lives of 12 people and injured another 62 after the explosion of 98 barrels of confiscated Iranian explosives at the country’s main naval base.

The people went out on the streets to protest against their governments criminal errors and omissions. They had every right to do so and they are legitimized to ask from the government to resign, since it has utterly failed to safeguard the lives of its citizens.

Not only did the government not take responsibility, they also responded to the legitimate and well-justified popular reaction with the use of tear gas against peaceful masses of protesters. This is a clear violation of fundamental democratic principles and another indication that the current government is unable to run the country and guarantee the well-being of its citizens and the democratic order.

President Christofias must step up, take full responsibility for the tragic consequences of his government’s inactions, omissions, maladministration and excessive use of police violence and then RESIGN from his position. This is the only option he now has. He is no longer legitimized to rule this country and those people.

Finally justice needs to be delivered in the most strict of ways to all those who are responsible, from the lowest to the highest level.

Rest In Peace brothers.

Contributed By: Protesilaos Stavrou

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