Alert elections can happen at any moment, says Samaras

Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras, addressing his party’s Executive Secretariat officials on Tuesday, issued an alert in light of political developments. “We called for and we want the elections, they can take place at any moment, for this reason I extend a battle alert for all. There are no vacations this year,” Samaras said. He added that “I shall not allow inertia and personal strategies. We are all together with society, by the side of the people. Our aim is to approach every citizen, whatever he had been voting until today and convince him. The moments are not usual nor the struggle alert I am extending.” 

Samaras appeared optimistic and certain that he will win the elections and said that “we shall rule to make a break with the past and correct the mistakes of the past. Greece possesses inexhaustible wealth, human and natural resources. It is not condemned to fail. Their policies failed, not Greece. Our views are finding recognition and international support. In the struggle alert there is no enemy except for our bad selves.” 
He criticised the government, accusing it that its predictions failed: “Instead of the deficit decreasing by four percent which they had predicted for the first six months, it registered an increase of 28 percent and if they did not curb the public investments programme it would be increased by 70 percent.” 
Samaras clarified once again that he would vote for the new loan contract only if it is combined with a change in economic policy in the direction of growth and insisted on renegotiating again, for the development of the Greek economy to be achieved. 
Lastly, he said that he is in favour of the utilisation of public property and not a sellout and that for this reason ND is participating in the Privatisations Committee.  
Source: (ANA)
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