Keiser speaks to Germany’s Schall about Greek crises (VIDEO)

During a film shooting for a documentary on precious metals, the German journalist Lars Schall spoke recently with RT economic analyst Max Keiser on the Greek crises. Keiser said that Greek bankers need to be decapitated, while noting that there is a global insurrection against the bankers.  “In Greece I saw the front line of the battle, between metal and paper between savers and speculators” says Keiser. “The Greek people are being disenfranchised by the paper terrorists and their savings are being destroyed, while they’re being subjected to austerity measures from the paper terrorists”, Keiser added. “They are (now) fighting back, the Greek police are beating up the Greek citizens on behalf of the international banksters.”

In his opinion, the “disease”, as he termed it (or the same tactics) that were witnessed in Central and South America when the IMF and other banksters made their presence there “using paper terrorist weapons to bankrupt societies”, has now made its way into western Europe, but he says “Western Europeans especially (those) in France have a history of decapitating paper terrorists (of this sort), this is why GOD invented the guillotine to take care of this problem when it rears its ugly head!”

In his expert opinion, the economic crises in Southern Europe, “is ultimately the end game for the paper pushers”, and wittingly points out that many bankers have been buried near a cemetery not far from Paris “but not with their heads”.

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