Journalist loses hearing from stun grenade in June 15 riots

Journalist Manolis Kypraios  has lost hearing in both his ears after a stun grenade exploded right next to him during the incidents of June 15th. The reporter for economic newspaper Express was covering the clashes between protesters at Syntagma Square. According to a statement by the Athens Journalists’ Union (ESHEA), Manolis Kypraios was also allegedly beaten by police officers belonging to the DELTA squad as he tried to make his way to a hospital on foot to receive treatment.
In a strong statement ESHEA condemns the “brutal state violence” that left indelible marks on the journalist who was unlucky to do his work. “This reminds of other times, when the catalyzed Republic allowed such behaviours and prevented the free exercise of the journalistic profession,” adds the statement and concludes:
The Athens Journalists’ Union will not remain with folded hands. “We stand by the journalist, who has become disabled and unable to work in such demanding sector and will pursue all legal means for justice but also for the unhindered exercise of the profession by all the Union members”.
Athens prosecutor has ordered investigation following complaints about the excessive use of tear gas and the violence against protesters during the incidents of June 28-29 at Syntagma Square.

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