Live blogging with Max Keiser from Syntagma Square

Witness remarks on Max Keiser’s site yesterday during the riots. (Some are actually quite funny)
  • Police makes massive attacks to anybody walking at Syntagma Square and streets beside.
  • They decided to suppress protests using any kind of violence.
  • Papandreou became the Greek Tchausesku !!!
  • Tear gas is nothing if compared with today’s violence.
  • Today they kick kids, women, old people & tourists eating at the restaurant where we have been together.
  • More than 200 people stay with broken legs & hands and there are not ambulances to transfer them to the hospitals.
  • They throw tear gas inside the metro station & inside coffee shops & restaurants, people they get out with panic and, then, police start kicking them violently.
  • We never saw something like in this country.
  • I can send you photos proving what I say.
  • Now people start getting very angry.
  • Normal middle age people protesting pacifically for 1 month at Syntagma square, now they start speaking about organized armed resistance.
  • They start making lists of those who keep guns home.
  • The real war will start now.
  • Papandreou is first an idiot and then a traitor.
  • He tries to save the bankrupt Greek bankers, killing Greeks at Syntagma Square.
  • He doesn’t understand that banksters like treason but they hate traitors.
  • They’ll him very soon, in order to avoid that millions of angry & armed Greeks organize a violent bank run.
  • Nobody wants to say the real truth.
  • Deposits and Gold have been f…cked!
  • This is the bloody secret beside the Greek bankruptcy scam
  • And when bankruptcy will be officially declared, ECB will immediately block & execute the remaining deposits in the Greek banks (20 billions against 220), as they have been collateralized by the Greek Banks when they received cash against govt bonds

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