Greece’s own indignant “riot dog” Loukaniko (VIDEO)

While Greece is struggling with draconian, IMF-led budgetary cutbacks, another symbol of revolution is rising. Some call him “Riot-Dog”, or simply Loukaniko (which in Greek means sausage), and he has become the symbol of all the riots that have been happening in the center of Athens over the last few years. 
Loukaniko, thought to be a stray, and has literally become the symbol of the Greek protests against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the EU backed austerity measures, siding always with the anarchists and the protestors. 
This four-legged pup inspires bloggers, has earned fame in YouTube videos, and even boasts his own Facebook page (as “Riot-dog”) with over 56,000 friends! He has been the focus of numerous stories in prominent international newspapers and rather likes when photographers snap his photo. He is not afraid of tear gas, explosions, petrol bombs and hearing people scream, and in all fairness I believe he rather thinks of it all as a game. 
What is funny about this cute dog is that almost every picture that has been snapped at protests includes Loukaniko. It is almost like he wants to be photographed!
There is some mystery, and dispute, over his name though, because some identify him as “Kanello” (Cinnamon), while others suggest that Kanello was the name of the riot dog before Loukaniko that passed away in 2008. 

Indicative is the video below.

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