Alexander the Great statue in FYROM sparks anger

A 13-metre-high bronze statue of Alexander the Great has apparently been erected in Skopje, capital of FYROM. The statue, cast in Italy, cost FYROM nine million Euros (around $13 million) and is supposedly part of a project called ‘Skopje 2014’. Alexander the Great was born in Pella in northern Greece, and obviously Greeks have not taken the news well. Gregory Delavekouras, spokesman of the Greek foreign ministry, said the move undermined the relations between the two countries. Greece and FYROM have been in a deadlock over the past twenty years over the name dispute. Athens says the name “Macedonia” implies territorial ambitions in Greece’s northern province of the same name. Judging from all the provocations that have been made year after year, an especially the one mentioned above, it is the opinion of this author that this last statement by the Greek government is absolutely true.

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