Greek Scientist in England leads team to find cure for breast cancer

A group of scientists in Great Britain have discovered a protein, which is directly involved in the resistance of the organism against medicines for breast cancer. According to their findings, this research may in the future offer a new “aim” concerning the new type of medical cures for this specific disease.

More specifically, researchers at the Imperial College of London, under the guidance of Georgios Giamas, head of the Surgery and Cancer Department, experimented on mice and discovered that if they blocked the production of LMTK3 protein with genetic techniques, they could minimize the cancer tumor. The study was published in the medical journal “Nature Medicine”.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK, affecting about 46,000 women each year. More than two thirds of breast tumours contain oestrogen receptors, meaning that they require the hormone oestrogen to grow and they can be treated with anti-oestrogen drugs such as tamoxifen. However, many patients develop resistance to these treatments so that the drugs eventually cease to be effective.


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