Gay pride festival in Athens June 4 (VIDEO)

Some things are indeed worth questioning. During a period when our government is making wage cuts from pensions, it suddenly finds enough money in order to hold a gay pride week in Athens, in what it what it says will increase and promote tourism. The Athens Pride festival is scheduled to begin on Saturday,  June 4 at  Klafthmonos Square in downtown Athens. The event will be followed by a dance party and live show featuring major Greek and foreign artists. Events during the gay pride week, and the days leading up to the main event, will include exhibitions, street performances, discussions, film screenings, etc, related to LGBT issues in Greece and the region. It remains to be seen whether or not the event will be peaceful, since many are opposed to this show of freedom from the gay community, especially the illegal immigrants who live in the downtown area and who have already said that they will “take care” (if you know what I mean) of the gay people once the parade finishes.

Elena Paparizoy performs several of her hits at last year’s gay pride parade.



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