X-Files – Chemitrails: Climate modification technique or another dark conspiracy? (VIDEO)

Some people say that one possible scenario for the mysterious trails we see in the sky is weather manipulation, but many Greek researchers and scientists are saying that these lines in the sky do not really help with the greenhouse effect, but are rather used for brainwashing and mind control. In Today’s X-Files we take a look at the chemtrails mystery and try to find out if it is a climate modification technique as some claim, a product of geoengineering or yet another dark conspiracy that aims to control our minds.

Many people throughout the world have reported seeing mysterious aircraft in the sky that leave white trails, which by contrast with ordinary trails do not disappear within a few minutes but instead remain in the sky for long periods of time. These are chemtrails , and they have been stirring up a lot of controversy lately since many governments still refuse to inform their citizens why the spraying is occurring.

What in the World Are They Spraying? (Full Length Movie)

Let us start off first with geoengineering. This is a new branch of science which is focused on using technology to change the Earth’s environment. Most ideas are purely hypothetical, and many focus on mitigating the effects of global warming which is becoming a major issue of concern for many nations around the world. Some of the schemes which have been proposed by geoengineers are quite radical, and they would require global discussion and cooperation before they could be implemented.

Climate Modification Techniques – The term “environmental modification techniques” refers to any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the Earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space. (Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques, United Nations, Geneva: 18 May 1977)

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Mind Control – There’s a treaty in the United Nations people can look up. It was signed in 1978 and it’s an international agreement where the major powers agreed not to use HAARP type technology on each other in wartime and the effects they said in the treaty were that the HAARP could use weather manipulation causing either drought or flooding. It could cause hurricanes, tornadoes. It could cause earthquakes. 

The whole gambit was there plus manipulation of the minds of the public by carrying a secondary signal that can actually affect the minds of the general population. So this does exist. It’s documented. The CBC in Canada the major television network which is government run did a documentary a few years ago. I think you can find that in CBC archives in fact where they went to the HAARP facility. They show you the facility with all the antennas and talk about the affects which it can cause. So this is real. They are using it.
Many networks such as NBC, the History and Discovery channels have all done cautious reports on chemtrails largely because of the growing concern over their effects on public health and the environment. Nonetheless, none of these reports offered any definitive answers.

Journalist William Thomas (WillThomasOnline.net) is a pioneer in examining and writing about chemtrails. The first chapter of his book Chemtrails Confirmed describes a Maine couple observing 30 jets as they released thick clouds into the cold winter atmosphere. Their efforts to track down information about what they saw were thwarted. Their sighting is consistent with other reports, as are the results of the couple’s follow-up investigation.

Though the precise function of chemtrails remains a mystery, there is a long, well-documented history of governments using aircraft to spread poisonous substances (for mind control). Agent Orange, a highly toxic carcinogen used as a defoliant in Vietnam, is now recognized to have caused large numbers of cancers and early deaths in Vietnam War veterans. Similar chemical agents have been and may still be used against cocaine growers in South America.

Is it possible that the emergence of Morgellons is the result of weapons testing or environment-alteration experiments gone awry? An online article, “Is Morgellons Disease Caused by Chemical Spraying,”, includes visuals comparing Morgellons-associated fibers to those found in chemtrails. While direct evidence connecting Morgellens to chemitrails is not strong, there is ample correlation between high blood pressure, coughs, sore throats and other respiratory difficulties and the prevalence of chemtrails.

 That is especially true in areas where 40 to 60 large planes a day have been recorded spreading chemitrails and creating man-made clouds. (Thomas’s Web site contains a long list of such areas. Hot spots include Los Angeles and Las Vegas.) Samples of rainwater in California reveal unusual concentrations of barium and aluminium compounds and heavy metals, any of which could harm a respiratory system.
Greek scientist Nikos Katsaros says that since governments have not explained to use why this chemical aerial spraying is occurring, conspiracy scenarios will be generated and most of these scenarios mention that after the aerial spraying  was conducted many people have experienced headaches, dizziness and discomfort. He then gives an example about the town of Hispanola in Canada, where he says after such aerial spraying; almost 90 percent of the population began to experience flu symptoms. The Canadian government’s health services were summoned to the scene and after examining the inhabitants they uncovered that almost 90 percent were indeed suffering from a strange kind of virus infection, but never disclose the information (or the virus type) to the inhabitants.
According to Katsaros, these aircraft trails are expelling particles of aluminum and barium in their exhaust and have reverse effects on how the sunlight is reflected on earth. Less sunlight means lower temperatures. So the greenhouse phenomenon is dealt with, using particles of aluminum and barium.  While some may think this is good, it should be noted that both aluminum and barium are toxic substances. After hovering in the sky at some point or another they will fall to earth, thus polluting our natural water resources and our environment. This will then have tremendous affects on the food chain, our health and well-being and the environment as a whole.
Even Alex Jones the radio commentator stated that the skies are very different than what they were from five years ago. On one of his talk shows he stated how contrails he used to see only persisted for less than an hour and now they last 6 to 8 hours or more and completely block out sections of the sky. I have seen these “lingering contrails” and yes, I never saw these five years ago. Some debunkers say it’s because of a “different fuel” JP-8? But I am highly suspicious of that. I have seen military aircraft fly after topping off with this fuel and they don’t leave this “lingering” trail at all. I know it was JP-8 because I was told to set the specific gravity adjustments to JP-8 on the engines after fuelling them. When you start seeing a contrail at an altitude below 10,000 ft, I think you need to start asking questions if it is indeed a contrail or something else. Especially if it hangs around for hours and hours.”
Professor of Physics and novelist Mr. Liakopoulos (who many consider as a modern occultist) claims that scientific studies have shown that these clouds don’t help with the greenhouse effect, instead they are chemicals used for brain washing and mind control. As noted in one of his books,
Whether the purpose of the spraying is to decrease fertility, to prepare the ground for the genetically modified plants, to facilitate the operations of HAARP, or to reduce the level of sunlight that reaches the earth, the fact is that all these ideas are considered to be conspiracy theories and are thus kept outside the permitted boundaries of public discussion. So we can conclude that the topic of chemitrails is indeed a conspiracy. The only thing that we are just beginning to learn about and permitted to discuss is the subject of geoengineering – particularly after the failure of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen – because governments, and particularly the US, are trying to secure the consent of the public to the idea that geoengineering is an acceptable solution to the problem of climate change.
Either way, it is still not too late for us to make a start:, says Katsaros, we can start by asking our government what purpose is being served by these increasingly frequent high altitude flights of jet planes over our heads with very dense and long lasting vapour trails. Better some questions now than mass hysteria in the future.
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