Italy’s Galileo Prize 2000 awarded to Haris Alexiou

The Galileo 2000 Prize – A Life for Music is the music prize was this year was awarded to Greek singer Haris Alexiou for her contribution to European culture, her success in the Greek music scene, as well as her bonds with the Italian music. Galileo 2000 is a prize instituted by the Italian Foundation “Galileo Prize 2000” to honour Europeans who have devoted themselves to culture, science and politics.
A few weeks ago, the President of the Galileo 2000 Prize – A Life for Music, Alfonso De Virgilis reportedly flew to Athens in order to announce the news to Alexiou himself and invite “Greece’s great singer” to the award ceremony which was held a week ago in Florence, Italy.
Former Prize laureates include personalities such as Carlos Fuentes, Bernard Henri-Lévy, Ricardo Mutti, Takeshi Kitano, Roberto Benigni and others also attended this prminent event, as reported by the Greek embassy in Italy. 
I say a prize well deserved, for Alexiou is a singer with a deep and passionate voice that embodies the destiny and characteristics of Greece unlike any other artist of her generation. 

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