New Bon Jovi guitarist is of Greek-Canadian decent!

While Bon Jovi fans were dealing with the news that guitarist Richie Sambora entered rehab last week, the band kicked off the next leg of their tour in New Orleans last weekend without him, proving the old showbiz saying, ‘the show must go on.’ The band played the New Orleans Jazz Fest with substitute guitarist “Phil X” or well known Canadian-Greek guitarist, Phil Xenidis, probably best known to rock fans as the guitarist who replaced Rik Emmett in Triumph and has been a prolific session player with Alice Cooper Daughtry, Rob Zombie and Avril Lavigne among others.
Phil Xenidis, better known as Phil X (Born 10 March 1966) is a Canadian-born guitarist of Greek descent and co-founder of the Los Angeles-based turbo pop band Powder. He also has a second band, the Drills. He is best known as the guitarist who replaced Rik Emmett in the Canadian rock band Triumph, for the Edge of Excess album and tour.

An early opportunity in this Greek-Canadian rocker’s career came when he was asked in 1990 to tour with Randy Coven, whom he met through Aldo Nova; in 1991, he toured the US with Aldo Nova.

Apparently Phil is a prolific session guitarist, having played on albums by artists such as Tommy Lee, Methods of Mayhem, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Rob Zombie, Chris Daughtry, Alice Cooper, Thousand Foot Krutch as well as many others. Phil wrote the song “Tired” and also reportedly has played guitar on Tommy Lee’s Tommyland: The Ride album.

Aside from appearances with Lee on Ellen and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Phil was also featured in the “making of” video for the movie Josie and the Pussycats. Along with his Powder band mates, Phil taught the young actresses to appear as if they were actually playing their instruments.


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