Mysterious airplane conducts geophysical surveys in Aegean

Image representing ARKeX as depicted in CrunchBaseImage via CrunchBase
An interesting bit of information was featured on the Greek news site today. According to the site, a “mysterious” airplane, suspected to conduct geophysical surveys into possible oil and natural gas deposits, was detected by authorities to be flying over key areas in the Aegean between April 10-15.
The plane, arrived in Greece several days ago, for reasons which are still unknown and was stationed at Kazantzakis airport in Herakleion, Crete, the same report said.
Several days later the same airplane, which belongs to the ARKeX company, was spotted at the Macedonia Airport in Thessaloniki.
After googling the company I discovered that ARKeX Limited carries out geophysical surveys for oil, gas and mineral deposits using airborne gravity gradiometry technology. The technology, according to their website (http, uses minute variations in the earth’s gravitational field to pinpoint, from an aeroplane, oil, gas and mineral deposits buried deep underground or offshore After googling the name even more I also discovered that the company’s co-investors include Scottish Equity Partners, RWE Dynamics (part of the German RWE Group which includes oil company RWE-Dea), and Nova Technology Partners, whose partners include Shell, BP, Hess, Chevron Texaco, Talisman, Kerr McGee and Total.. Notice the name Chevron… appears yet again! It seems that everywhere there has been a crises or a war over the past decade, this company, who the younger G. Bush was rumoured to have once worked for, comes up… now how much of a coincidence is that?
In the video, the company ARKeX describes the way that functions the appliance that has been blamed in the nose of plane:
The presence of the airplane in Greece, especially to two key areas in our country where it is suspected that there are vast deposits of natural gas and oil, can only mean one thing and one thing only….  What bothers me is that it was done in a “hush hush” manner.  Why give conspiracy theorists even more reason to believe that everything we are experiencing in this country is connected with the West’s interest in our natural gas and oil? Who ordered the survey? Why was it not announced? How can an airplane enter another country’s airspace, probe the environment and there be no reaction from the Defence Ministry … anyone? 
Something really smells here… 

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