Group of Greeks take legal action against insulting Focus magazine issue

A group of six Greeks are taking legal action against the German “Focus” magazine on the insulting photograph that was published on its February 22, 2010 issue. The photograph depicted the statue of the Goddess Aphrodite making an obscene gesture with her index finger. 

The Greek group is apparently suing the journalists involved in the publication for defamation and accusing them of making false claims. Till today Greek people still think that it was more than a provocative piece of journalism and still feel particularly offended by that photograph. 

At the time, the president of the Greek parliament summoned the German ambassador to complain about German media coverage of Greece, but that did not stop the German magazine which came out with a second issue showing the statue again, only this time her hand was spread out like a beggar.

According to reports in the German newspapers Handelsblatt and Tagesspiegel, Helmut Markwort, the magazine’s founder,  editor in chief of Focus at the time of publication, and nine other Focus employees are due to appear in an Athens court on June 29th.


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