"Smelly" dinner between Sorros and Greek industrialists

The majority of multi-millionaire/billionaire Greek businessmen are crooks, just as the politicians they support, and the lobbyists who draft our laws. I think the greatest threat to Greece is this… bonuses for Buffoon Billionaires, and offshoring/outsourcing jobs for everybody else. 

Global crook and financier of FYROM propaganda George Sorros apparently was in Greece, yet again, and attended a secret dinner in Athens with several Greek elitists. Some would say so what… but in Greece, a private dinner, attended only by the movers and the shakers of Greece’s elite society can only be a cause for alarm at a time when so many state assets are going up for sale.
The dinner, according to press reports, which was held at the home of Odysseus Kyriakopoulos (head of one of the largest mining corporations in the country), was also attended by the President of the Federation of Greek Industrialists Dimitris Daskalopoulos, along with Vangelis Mytilinaios, and Greek-American businessman Stelios Zavos.
According to Newspost, the subjects of channeling Sorros’ funds to the Greek market in the buy-out of state property as well as investing his dirty money in several ventures and establishing new investments were analyzed.
Word has it that an initial agreement has already been made between Kyriakopoulos and Mytilinaios in the sector of aluminium.
Stelios Zavos, a close associate of George Sorros, and CEO of Zeus Capital Partners, is apparently very chummy chummy with Joseph Stigliz, who in return is very close with our prime minister George Papandreou…. This explains how the secret rendevouz between Papandreou and Sorros was formed several days before this prive dinner, the subject of which we still do not know anything about. (see relevant article)
I am not a rocket scientist but I can only assume that something smelly is going down….
I mean exposing corrupt politicians is bound to lead to exposing corrupt businessmen too. After all, where do corrupt politicians get their cash from? It certainly doesn’t fall from the heavens, even if you have excellent connections with the almighty. 
There is only one thing Greeks hate more than the known enemies of this country and that is want-to-be Greeks or “traders” and in my opinion anyone who sits with Sorros can only be termed a trader. This man has funded all the propaganda against Greece in the FYROM issue, and he is someone who is rumored to be behind the “fake” Greek crises. He is also someone, according to countless reports who is looking into our natural reserves, especially our gold, since he has already invested a hearty sum in the northern area of Greece for this very purpose
If I was a Greek businessman I would think twice before making my next move, because today people are better informed… Corrupt businessmen are today pointed out… things do not function like they did 20 years ago when we were fed propaganda… now we have blogs, and people that actually give a damn. Let it be known that our premier might have acted (and still act) as your Yes Man… but we do not bow to anyone! Because the only way a corrupt society can cleanse itself is to catch the few crooks that are careless enough to leave tracks.
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