Keratea residents enter 4th month of clashes with riot police

Never before in the history of the modern world has a riot continued for four months, but then again never before has so much spirit been exhibited as that of the residents in Keratea.

Yesterday the fighting got very intense as protesters apparently used excavators to cut a two-meter shoulder-high trench on a busy road near a proposed new landfill, cutting off traffic outside Athens. 
The trench, according to reports, was dug during the night, which is kind of bizarre because if this is true, and the police are stationed there 24 hours a day… then why was something not spotted? Some fear that the government is using propaganda to undermine the protests and make the residents answer to the law for obstructing traffic. 
Adding to this, the riot police, which has been stationed there all this time, and which everyday follows government orders to clash with the residents, is getting hot and frustrated and began complaining about their working conditions.

Nonetheless, it rained cats and dogs in tear gas, molotov cocktails and stones as the dispute over the landfill continued between residents and the riot police yesterday as it has for well over 120 days now. The residents are so well prepared for every clash with the riot police that they have installed war sirens in their city and when the enemy approaches they sound the alarm and all men and women join in the battle. “Attention! Attention! We are under attack!” said the voice urging the residents to rush to the spot.
The section of the road, linking Athens to the port of Lavrio 50 kilometers (30 miles) south, has been closed for most of the year. Protesters argue the proposed landfill is too close to a residential area and would damage an ancient site.
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