Sex in the Poli – Men and sex after 50

For some of the younger generation sex after fifty is something they don’t want to think about, because most have visions of their parents getting it on…. but surprise surprise you can have over the top, eyes rolled back to the top of your head sex even way after fifty!  We tend to write off older people and think of them as nurtured in some way but 50 year olds don’t care… in fact they say at this age they are a little more skilled,, and know how things work better. And when all else fails, in enter the heroes: Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Men in their fifties, if willing, can be great lovers. 
What do you expect from such simple creatures? Their last name remains solid and never changes; the garage is all theirs; they can wear a white T-shirt to a water park while hauling their pot bellies and get wet to the bone; or they can easily go topless on the beach and get a great tan. Car mechanics usually tell them the truth, wrinkles only add character to their faces, people never stare at their chests when they are talking to them and what is more they can easily belch, fart and burp loudly in public and no one will bat an eye… 

They are a half century old, and forgiven because they are grandpa potential, but at the same time tigers enough to tame in bed…. They are today’s 50 year olds… and according to a new survey they are always having sex!

It used to be that reaching his half-century made a man feel old, but not any more. Today’s fifty-something still has a twinkle in his eye and a more enjoyable sex life than a man in his 30s and 40s, a survey has revealed.
In fact this group of men even rate themselves with the next generation, claiming satisfaction almost equal to 20-year-olds. Personally I think they say this to land a 20-year old but that is besides the point.
Experts who questioned more than 1,000 volunteers found that while their sex drive has reduced with age, the 50-pluses enjoy themselves more than men in their 40s and a lot more than the least satisfied age group, men in their 30s. I am not surprised; I never believed that sperm had an age limit…
The researchers suggested that fifty-something’s may be more comfortable with their sex lives because they no longer have to worry about the pressures of building a career or looking after young children and can concentrate on having fun. 
The study conducted by researchers in Norway and the US could soften the blow of reaching 50 and provide hope for millions of men who look forward with dread to “middle age.” 
The results showed a very strong correlation between men getting older and reduced sexual functioning, but not between age and sexual satisfaction. 

Men in their 20s recorded an average satisfaction level of 2.79. The second highest was among fifty-somethings, who scored a satisfaction rating of 2.77. Men in their 30s reached 2.55 while men in their 40s averaged 2.72. After the age of 59, overall satisfaction fell significantly to 2.46 for men in their 60s and 2.14 for those in their 70s.
I believe if men keep up their appearances by staying relatively fit, remember to use deodorizer, and most import, kept a fresh and open attitude to the world around them, then there is no reason why women of any age group could be attracted to them. 
And, they keep up the good work and continue to look like this by the time they are grandpas. Yes… I said the word grandpa…. Then there is no reason for me to doubt the survey either.
So my 50 plus year old friends, forget the mucho kudos, and flirting with every 20-year old that comes your way, you don’t want her and your grandchild sharing the same X-Box anyway. Besides…. By now (if you are married that is) you and your wife have had all the burden of raising children… its enjoy each other time! 
For my single 50 plus year old friends… getting older means learning from your past mistakes, like accepting that you are not the guy in the Speedo commercial who is built like the Terminator. 
Oh… and guys… give up the idea of jellying your hair and combing it over your bald spot to impress her… its not going to work she will figure out that you are bald.
Look in the mirror and be real about what you have to work with and who you are by now, and please…. if you want to bring her back to your love shack throw away the sandals… there is something about black and/or white socks with sandals that totally blows us women to pieces.
Note: The article is dedicated to my friends Panagioti, who asked me to write it, as well as to my friend Chadi in Montreal who is turning 50 something today.

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