Greek X-Files: The Davelli Cave

Is the cave of Davelli on the Pentelli Mountain a portal, or door to another dimension?  I really don’t know… but there have been many strange and unexplained phenomena that have occurred there over the years. Is this cave connected to other worlds and/or civilizations, why was it sealed off by NATO forces in the mid 70s? These and many other questions will be answered today as we open the Greek X-Files case of: The Davelli Cave.

Mt Pentelli is located around about 15 km northeast of Athens and is the same mountain that the ancient Athenians quarried marble from in order to build the Parthenon and Acropolis. In fact almost the entire mountain is made from marble. In the middle of Pentelli and in a place where the ancient marble quarry is located, lies a huge cave called Davelli. Its name is derived from that of a notorious 19 century Greek outlaw who used the site as a hideout with his comrades in crime.

Inside the cave are the entries to an underground unexplained tunnel system, one of which is reported to lead into a large underground hall complete with a small lake and a very ancient temple dedicated to the Greek God Pan.

On the right side of the entry into the main cave is a small Byzantine church. The front of this building is constructed in a traditional manner but the other three walls are part of a cave wall . . . when you first see the church it reminds one of Petra in Jordan but a smaller version.
The area in and around the cave has inspired UFO and ghost researchers and scientists  for years now. One such scientist, who is still conducting investigations there today is well known UFO researcher and author of many books, George Balanos.
In the mid 1970s, Balanos organized a team to investigate all the strange stories about the Davelli Cave. The results of his investigation were indeed astonishing and since then many bizarre stories have surfaced in the mainstream news. 
Before they began the investigation, the team started by speaking to locals and listening to all the folklore stories and they soon realized that there were hundreds of reports about “strange lights” in the sky, small humanoids, strange noises, ghosts, and other such phenomena occurring inside and around that area.

When they began their measurements inside the cave area, they found strong abnormalities in the magnetic field and a strong smell of ozone at the entrance. A lot of what they experienced here, according to reports published during this time, involved strange electrical faults-lights surging, even without battery power; cameras refusing to work in certain areas of the cave, and when they printed the photos taken, they noted that the faces of the subjects photographed were covered by an unexplained greenish haze.
This only persuaded the team to investigate the matter more intensely and they did so for almost a whole decade, and then suddenly and without a warning the Greek Air Force brought their investigation to a complete end.
Air Force officials sealed the area and according to witnesses began to build a huge tunnel system around the cave incorporated within the network. According to news articles during this period, the official explanation was, and still is until this day, that the whole tunnel system is part of a NATO project.
After some years of construction, work on the tunnels suddenly stopped and the Air Force quickly abandoned the area leaving the system deserted. They exited the area so quickly that they even left the machinery used in the digging and all such other materials behind. Apparently, the paranormal phenomena was continuing, and so the investigators in Balanos’ team moved back in.
They said that NATO’s purpose at the site has never until this day been established, but what is known is that many of the workers at the site have since then died of cancer.  What is more, they claim that many boxes of anti-cancer drugs were found in the cave after the troops moved out. 
Several years later, while the investigation continued, even more strange stories began to unravel. One such story talks about a child’s footprint that was found imprinted into a concrete floor-while it was still wet. The flooring had apparently been laid by military personal in one of the new tunnels, and the footprints found showed that a barefoot child walked up to a dead end where the rock had not been blasted, but there were no footprints indicating that the child turned around and walked back. Witnesses to this scene said that it was almost as if the child had either vanished into thin air or walked through the wall. 
What is more, a strange doll was seen hanging against the mountainside, at such an inaccessible spot that a member of the army’s Special Forces was the only person able to reach it, though not without considerable effort. Later on that evening after that event, a replica doll was seen in the exact same place. Who, or what, had gone to such lengths to place the unearthly doll in such a spot has never been answered either, but certainly its chills the spine just thinking of it. 

The road that accesses the area of the cave has also been the subject of many strange occurrences. At one point the road clearly appears to be an incline, and yet there are many reports of cars stalling and rolling uphill. Another unexplained report here involves an abandoned vehicle that (judging by track marks in the snow) appeared to have travelled across a steep, near vertical incline of rough, rocky terrain without any apparent damage to the undercarriage.
Even more disturbing were accounts of the bizarre an inexplicable behavior of some of the investigators themselves. Many of them wandered out of the cave dazed and confused, claiming to have experienced “lost time” and most of them experienced panic attacks, while there are rumors that claim that some of these investigators disappeared while on the job.
George Balanos has said that the cave is probably an entrance to another dimension  and/or gate. He is until this day continuing with his investigations into the cave to prove this theory. What his team and other scientific teams have discovered though is that there are highly irregular electromagnetic readings and a degree of anti-gravitational energy present.

The locals note that inexplicable phenomena apparently still occur in and around the area even today. I guess that is why the area has also become grounds for many ceremonies and/or rituals, mostly Satanic, but it is also an area that attracts many tourists throughout the whole year who are mystified with the world of the paranormal. In fact, tourists flock to this area by the bus loads and some even claim that they have printed photographs that show their bodies and a representation of themselves “carved” into the rock formations right behind them.
As for me… I am still undecided on whether or not any of this is tangible or better yet believable. It would be silly of me to claim knowledge about this issue because it is totally controversial. However, after visiting the area several years ago, there is no doubt in my mind that there is some type of electromagnetic force there… for my watch stopped working as soon as I entered the cave. Have you ever seen the Road Runner when he was getting set to make his quick escape as soon as the coyote began making visions of him on his plate? Yup… that was me… faster than lightening… I proved the theory that people can indeed leave a smoke trail behind when they run fast! Indeed something strange is occurring there but I highly doubt that it has anything to do with space aliens and other dimensions… but then again you never know…….
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