We will never hand over, change and/or alter our flag!

On the morning of April 27th, 1941, the guardian of the Greek flag on the Acropolis, Constantine Koukides, a young Evzone (military soldier) in his early twenties, was ordered by the Germans to haul the Greek flag down and replace it with the swastika banner. This young man refused… and he wrapped the Greek flag very carefully, held it tight in his grip and fell off the Acropolis to his death because he did not find it honourable to hand over our flag to these foreign invaders.

This act of courage was his commitment to honour our flag.  He did not succumb to this new authority, for he knew that by doing so he would be going against the symbol of the sacrifices made by his, and our, forefathers.

Respecting the flag is not about an empty and thoughtless patriotism. It is a symbol of all of the hopeful things Hellenism stands for. It is symbolic of freedoms that many people in our world covet, despite our country’s numberless problems, deep idealistic chasms, economic troubles and corrupt politicians.

By respecting our flag, we honour our country, the struggle of our ancestors and all of those who attempt to serve it in so many ways. By honouring the flag we pay homage to the widows and orphans of deceased soldiers and the children and wives who grow up without mothers and fathers, sacrificing their family ties so their parents can serve their country in a variety of capacities.

To me, as for every Hellene I am sure, standing for the flag is not a political expression of support for the military or a particular political party, nor is it an expression of aggressive jingoism. It is a deep acknowledgment of our privileged existence in Greece. It is not the “wow, we’re so superior in every way” type of privilege that is so off-putting to non-Greeks, but it is more like “wow, I’m glad I don’t have to wear a Bourga, I can vote, I can read anything I desire and say and think and do pretty much what I want.” 

Respecting the flag shows gratitude and respect for the people who have tried to preserve this place we still call the “land of the Gods.”  And when our flag is treated with respect, the nation and its people are treated with that same respect. 

But our present leaders do not respect the flag… These uneducated buffoons claim that in one of the paragraphs in their program the thought of removing the cross from the Greek flag was planned. Specifically, current Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, Transports and Networks Nikolas Sifounakis, as seen in the video above, claims that the Holy Cross should be removed from the Greek flag, in support of the theory of removing Church from State and it is in the government’s plan to allow Hellenes to vote on this.

Hearing this the first time… the only thing I felt was rage…. and then numbness and then rage again. I do not know how I, or millions of other Greeks on every corner of this globe, would react if we were ever to see something like this come to pass. I believe it would be a cause for war… Switzerland has a larger cross on its flag… but I have never seen anyone make an issue of it to this country. 

This bozo yes man should be laughed out of town. Because of idiots like these, foreigners have been able to control Greece ever since the inception of the Modern Greek state. Don’t they know that a flag unifies a nation? I know they do… but like I said… they are not true Hellenes like Constantine Koukides… they are only “yes men” to their foreign bosses. I pitty them…. for they are just traders to the people that made them the men they are today.

The only real reason to separate the church from the state would be to instill a new morality and establish a new system of beliefs. Our founding fathers were God-fearing men who understood that for a country to stand it must have a solid foundation; the Bible was the source of this foundation. They believed that God’s ways were much higher than their ways and held firmly that the Bible was the absolute standard of truth and used the Bible as a source to form our government.

There is no such thing as a pluralistic society. There will always be one dominant view, otherwise it will be in transition from one belief system to another. Therefore, to say Biblical principles should not be allowed in government and school is to either be ignorant of the historic intent of the founding fathers, or blatantly bigoted against Christianity.  Besides…. our motto is “Patris-Thriskeia-Oikogeneia”. This national motto cannot be re-written, modified and or erased from our history.

Our Constitution was founded on Biblical principles and it was the intention of the authors for this to be a Christian nation. If it was their intention to separate the state and church they would never have taken principles from the Bible and put them into our government. People have read too much into the phrase “separation of church and state”, which is to be a separation of civil authority from ecclesiastical authority, not moral values.

Alolph Hitler once said that if a well crafted lie is told often enough and long enough it will become as good as the the truth!  For example, “the Religious Right” is a totally ficticious entity.  There SHOULD be one, but there is no such thing!  Christians just haven’t seemed to be able get together long enough to realize the strength they would have if they united politically.  Now the “Religious Right” is just a straw-man to hide a REAL and very active movement – “the Athiest Left!

It іѕ іmрοrtаnt fοr all of us tο ѕhοw respect and Ɩονе fοour flag, іt іѕ аn indication that we ѕhοw importance аnd gratefulness tο this great country that gave the world the arts, sciences, democracy and the spirit of the Olympic Games. Thе sovereignty аnd history οf Greece shall forever bе carried bу our flag and Hellenes will never allow anyone to to alter it.
And this is because our hearts swell at the sight of the Greek flag waving high. It invokes a sense of pride, gratitude, hope and patriotism in us that cannot be described, as I am sure any flag does for any other country’s citizens. We view the blue and the white as the tangible cloth that binds all Hellenes together everywhere for we know instinctively that it symbolizes all that we are today. 

Marina Spanos


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