People open your eyes… its time to rise up!

 *Please watch the video… it is very revealing!

It looks like the elite are winning. They have created the society they always wanted, no middle class, just them and us the poor. No colors, just black and white. Where are the patriots? Where are the neo-liberals? Where are the extreme conservatives? Where are the Socialists? Where are all those brave ideologists?

Everyone has given up… become apathetic… totally indifferent to what is really going on.

The New World Order, Federal Reserve, Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, North American Union, the Rockefeller/Rothschild families, Freemasonry, Bohemian Grove, the Illuminati, Illuminati symbolism, Problem-Reaction-Solution, 9-11, war profiteering, the phony ‘War on Terrorism’, the impending ‘Big Brother Surveillance Society’, the war on civil liberties, microchipping, mind control, media control and ‘education system’ indoctrination are not just titles of the newest Dan Brown books… this is not a Di Vinci book fair… this my friends is reality. 
This is who is governing my country and yours. Do not be fooled into believing otherwise.
Wake up my friends… the Greek economic crises is not limited within our boarders. It did not occur by chance… it was planned. The ruling transnational elites, as mentioned above who are spread out in the corporate, financial or political sectors, are operating outside national boundaries with complete disregard for local populations. The crises is not only economic in nature, it is also political and social. It is the philosophy of the new world order and they don’t care if they crumble us, force us to our knees economically, ethically and spiritually, their only goal is to make more and more money.

Greece just like any other country in the world is (and has been) vulnerable to attack because its currency (the euro) is nothing but a floating debt instrument controlled by bankers. This is why Thomas Jefferson had said “banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies.” Bankers can overthrow a country more completely than an army can; silent war… the most dangerous kind. The kind we are experiencing here, the kind many citizens in the United States are experiencing, the kind that is lurking in every corner of the world waiting for the right moment to strike.

The question is why would we leave ourselves open to such a threat? For one…. all these groups created apathetic, dispassionate citizens globally. People are too engrossed in their umpteen problems from reaching office in time, raising loans for education of children in higher classes / colleges, managing the budget with the spiralling prices from cooking gas, vegetables to grocery and milk, healthcare, traffic, their mortgage, etc… that they couldn’t be bothered.They couldn’t care less….

This is exactly what the New World Order wants… apathetic citizens. You have unlocked the doors and it is just a matter of time before the financial predators decide to enter in your neck of the woods too. Will people wakeup before it is too late? I don’t know… I highly doubt that we have that type of power, but at least we can weaken them. And I believe this because people everywhere have the power to take back control of their monetary system and liberties once they have enough of a standing army of other people who are awake, informed and have an overall awareness of what is really going on. 

Your only weapon… knowledge! Do not fall into the category of some who do not engage in politics. Politics are the A and Z of all this decision making… it is the start and end of the future of your country. You should inform yourselves in order to move your lives forward, to ensure that you have got all the services required in an organized society and to secure the future of your children. There is nothing people appreciate more than a government delivering to them all the necessary services they require right? Don’t we all want that?

Then wake up… turn away from apathy… we all need to realize that every country, not just Greece is venerable to being hi-jacked by power money hungry bankers. Politics is an important undertaking because good politics and politicians are required to alter or change the current social structures and relationships that the aforementioned elite groups have created on this world.
It starts with staying well-informed. It is our only weapon. People who are informed are considered their worst enemies. 

IF for instance we read a newspaper enough to know about the issues that affect us all, we would know not just about the economy and the employment situation, but also about prison conditions, the military, domestic abuse, foreign aid, and all of the dozens of issues that affect all of us as a country. We certainly wouldn’t agree on all these topics, but we would know the important factors in understanding them. We wouldn’t neglect an issue just because it didn’t personally affect us, or because it got in the way with our so called busy lives.

With this knowledge in hand, we would vote better too. We would, directly and through the media, demand thoughtful answers from the candidates on these questions, not just feel-good news, and we would show contempt for censored news and propaganda. We would know the candidates’ stands on issues not only important to us, but also important to our nations and we would turn away from all those other candidates that evade hard questions because we would automatically know that they lack the capability to lead and are probably there because “certain” interests want them to be.

Also, we would never forget a candidate’s promises (just like George Papandreou did) and we would vote based not just on how the candidates’ proposed policies would affect us as individuals, but on how they would affect all of us as a society.

So do you still believe that this is a Greek problem? Think again! Maybe you are trying to convince yourselves that the problem is just “over here,” and it’s easy for you to criticise how Greece could have avoided the situation.  Really? Need I remind everyone that the problem began in the US? So naturally it is not an isolated, country-specific problem right?

I mean… haven’t you seen this before? Indeed you have. It is the same crises that hit Iceland, Ukraine, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, England, and countless other countries.  It is not a problem of Greece, but rather the global monetary system that is built on debt and rules most countries.  So the problem is very much “everywhere.” 

Refusing to accept what is going on only worsens the situation. Because there will come a time in the very near future when all of us will have to decide; as a last resort; to hit the streets and protest our government’s decimation of our family’s future. We will be obligated to finally get involved, but I don’t know how effective it will be, because that is the price we’ll all pay for waiting to wake up and demand reform and change.

Its common sense, putting all of the decision making power in the hands of a select few elite millionaire politicians is not a form of government for free people in any country of the world. A free market is not one which is run by a monopoly of corrupt, power and money hungry bankers. Get off your rockers and get informed… the future of your children depends on it.

Marina Spanos


2 responses to “People open your eyes… its time to rise up!

  1. A very profound post, indeed. And I agree; apathy is our own worst enemy, and a government's best friend. An apathetic society is steered forward effortlessly, like sheep, in whichever direction a leader wishes to take them. It's rather sad.

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