How to tear apart a nation

Isn’t it just grand that instead of igniting a bomb or setting off a war you can still dismantle a nation with other methods instead? Slowly but surely you can erase their history, their culture, the people’s very essence of being because you want better control. Far from the typical stereotypes that all Greeks are crooks gay or anarchists, “foreign centers” also believe that we are stupid and naive. The only comforting thought to this is that they just believe it… it is just not so.
Before I get to the juice of today’s post, I just want to say that if for instance we took the opinions of want to-be historians, especially some contemporary minds who think that the phrase “Patrida-Oikogeneia-Thriskeia” (Our Country, our family and our Religion) –the cornerstone philosophy of the Greek flag and the Greek nation- is passé and lacks more defined information, as actual facts…. then I guess the notion that we are stupid and naive is true.
But who in their right mind, and with the DNA and blood that defines us as Greeks would ever believe that Alexander the Great was Slavic, or that Kolokotronis, one of the main heroes of the Greek Revolution of 1821, was gay…? Who? No one. Not even the bleach blonde cheerleaders of the Olympiakos basketball team…. Trust me!
Until I arrived in this country I never believed in the word conspiracy, or at least I felt that it was more of a word used in many James Bond movies. Nonetheless, I am starting to believe that there is an “evil”, “sinister”, “foul-smelling” plan in the making for Greece and as the months and years go by I have become convinced. I think I started to believe it when the west achieved the dissolution of Serbia. At the time of that brutal and unfair war I remember all Greeks saying that our turn was coming… but I never understood how or why. Now I do.
How to dismantle a nation, so that you can have better control over its reserves and its people. Sounds too surreal…. then keep on reading.
In a previous article I wrote about the rather “incidental” item that appeared in the magazine Economicos Tachidromos, dated August 14, 1997. It referred to a speech Henry Kissinger gave years before, during which he said the following: “The Greek people are anarchic and difficult nation to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: Perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.”
You might say that this was the remark of one, but I say it is a mistake that one made and part of a larger plan. The dissolution of Greece with war is not feasible because we are a member of NATO, the EU and God knows what else … so the West has found other ways to weaken the people of this nation.
Firstly, they made sure that their “select” politicians were placed in strategic seats of government. After many years of producing illiterate professionals, fanatic (and dangerous) anarchistic minds, and apathetic citizens they also created, and later voted, many laws that began the total destruction of our history, our culture and our very essence of being.
 One such law is the recently voted Kalikrates law. This law creates 13 regions with smaller governments (like provinces in Canada), with a limited capacity of government for now, so people don’t react negatively at first, but with the aspiration that with the passing of time these areas can become more and more autonomous and self-sufficient.
 If we lived in a utopia, this kind of government would have been ideal. But we do not. Greece is in a very strategic position in the Mediterranean; aside from Turkey on the east it also boarders with the countries of FYROM, Albania and Bulgaria. It is a cross-roads of sorts to the Balkans and Asia and not on very good terms with all of its neighbours. Already, I have spoken about suspicion of large amounts of petrol in the Aegean Sea, but there is also enough petrol in the Ionian Sea as well. Along with this, geologists have discovered large deposits of natural gas in the northern area of the Aegean, and in the southern area of the Aegean near Kastelorizo Island (near Rhodes Island). Other areas include the regions of Corfu, and the surrounding islands as well as south of Crete.

So how feasible can a law of this sort, or rather how beneficial can a law of this sort be when we all know that western interests have already staged a fake economic crises here, to further their claims on all these natural reserves? Another reason is that historically we have never held good ties with the all the countries neighbouring our boarders. Too many “red zones” and too much fear that these areas will maybe one day proclaim autonomy and join other countries such as Turkey, Albania and FYROM. The areas in the red zones include Crete, Epirus, Thrace, Macedonia and the islands in the Eastern Aegean. Basically… half of Greece.
 Who introduced this dumb-ass law? Simple… our newly elected (want to-be) leftist (but Yes-Man) government PASOK. Why would they do that? I mentioned earlier that when the west lifts its pinky and decides to materialise on its plans, then they help their “select” politicians claim key areas of government. No analysis needed here… I think we all understand how and why.

So why the aforementioned regions?
1.    Crete – On December 1, 2013, Crete will commemorate its 100 year union with Greece. Before the aforementioned date, Crete was its own nation that is one of the reasons it has its own Archbishop. The union was sealed with a contract that has two more years of existence… and many fear that the first cries for referendum will come from here. Also, south of Crete and just above Egypt, many petrol deposits have been discovered.
2.    Thrace – For years now, the Pomak community in Thrace, north-eastern part of Greece, has led a quiet life. For several years now the Pomak community (mostly a Muslim community), whose true origins are unknown, are being brainwashed to follow a Turkish lifestyle and implement Turkish customs and ideals in their everyday life, thus making them believe that they are of Turkish descent. This has especially become more profound in the last few years and especially after the opening of a Turkish consulate in the latter province. Some fear, that because of the minerals and natural gas suspected to be connected to this area that Turkey wants to fade out the Christian community in this area and slowly allow the Muslim community to grow to such an extent that they will one day also ask for a referendum to be conducted here with the ultimate hope of course of one day joining Turkey. Sounds too surreal… think again… Also, the waters in and around the prefecture of Thrace are rich in natural gas. The area is also suspected to have large deposits of gold and other such minerals.
3.    Epirus – The term Greater Albanian or Ethnic Albania as called by the Albanian nationalists themselves refers to an irredentist concept of lands outside the boarders of Albania which are considered part of a greater national homeland by most Albanians. The term incorporates claims to many areas such as Kosovo, as well as regions in Montenegro, and the region of Epirus in North-Western Greece. The unification of an even larger area into a unique territory under Albanian authority had been theoretically conceived by the League of Prizren, an organization of the 19 century whose goal was to unify the Albanian inhabited lands (and other regions) into a single autonomous Albanian Vulatet within…. the Ottoman Empire…. Yes you heard correctly within Turkey. You might claim, that was then, this is now, but I say, that after geologists discovered numerous petrol basins in areas from Corfu all the way down to the prefecture of Ilia…. And after Albania’s desire to establish close military ties with Turkey the notion of the Greater Albania is becoming all too real.
4.    MacedoniaThe issue of Macedonia is well known. The self-proclaimed republic FYROM has unlawfully chosen the Greek name “Macedonia” for its nation and Greece is rightfully objecting with historical evidence that they have no right to do so. It is historically wrong for this nation to use Greek names and symbols because they have nothing in common with Greeks and Greece. This nation’s name was Vardarska Banovina, but with the help of the West, they have convinced many countries that they are the true decedents of Alexander the Great. We hope that Skopje will realize its historic and anti-scientific mistake and go back to its true name, “Vardarska”, and quit pumping out propaganda and maps showing how the Macedonia we all know to be Greek, belongs to them. The West wants the autonomy of this area for its port so that they can have easy access to the Balkan region.
5.    South-Aegean Islands – The only legitimate dispute that needs to be settled between Greece and Turkey in the Aegean is the delimitation of the Aegean continental shelf. On this topic, Greece has repeatedly invited Turkey to the negotiation table in order for the two sides to agree to a compromise for the referral of the dispute to the International Court of Justice. Turkey has repeatedly turned down Greece’s invitation. Beyond this, all other matters at times termed “Aegean disputes” by Turkey consist exclusively of arbitrary claims against Greek sovereignty put forth by Turkey in defiance of international law and agreements. This Turkish practice has created great tension in the relations between Greece and Turkey. Some may remember the issue of Imia (check related article) and how the area has now become a buffer zone between the two nations. Here too, and south of the island of Kastelorizo, large deposits of petrol and natural gas have been discovered. To its East, the Greek part of Cyprus has already begun excavations and drillings with Israeli companies and they have announced that they have found deposits that will ensure their consumption for the next two decades! Yes you heard correctly…. And that was just one deposit!

So how beneficial can the Kalikrates law be when the new world order has its eyes set on dismantling this nation bit by bit so that they can steal our reserves? Of course no one knows what will happen five, ten, or even 20 years from now, but certainly if foreign influence begins to press down on the Premiers of these Provinces to cut themselves off from what we know of to be Greece then I am afraid that they will be too weak to say no. A united Greece was too difficult to tame, but a Greece full of 13 regions, or Provinces, is going to be easier to control.
No dear friends… this is not a James Bond film, this is reality. This is a result of the dirty games that governments play in order to get richer and more powerful. My only statement to all the forces behind this strategy is this: “We are not stupid, we are not naive… this is Sparta…. and with my five fingers spread out I simply say PARTA” !!

7 responses to “How to tear apart a nation

  1. Wow, this is an extremely powerful post, and very difficult to digest. There is so much information to take in and analylze. And yet, there is so much logic in it that it all somehow makes sense. I do believe that when you break up a country into smaller regions, you weaken it. United we stand… I'm not sure what will happen in the next 10, 15, 20 years…but I am convinced that there will be a lot of changes in Europe in the future; especially for the smaller, more vulnerable countries. It's really sad.

  2. You know, this Kalikrates may be about more control of the people but it wouldn't have been necessary if the Greeks just behaved as normal human beings. First of all, what is destroying the country from inside is not conspiracy it is the corruptness on all levels in Greek society. Second, comes the fact that from all walks of life people don't pay taxes. Third, the horrendous pension system that lets people get their pension from what they earned the very last year. Anyone can see, even a child can see how you cheat that system. Once again, if you think that it's a conspiracy that has put Greece in this situation, think again. It is the selfish and egoistic Greeks that have put themselves there.

  3. Anonymous: I don't fully agree with your statement because if there are people who are corrupt, it a result of an overall system that is corrupt. Corruption and deceit are not in our DNA… people become corrupt when they have a chance to actually distinguish themselves, when in the right environment, under a fair and just law system and when the system treats them with respect. As far as “us” cheating the system…. the system cheats us Anonymous… every single day…. and the only thing that keeps us from losing our faith and patience is a small ray of hope that is centers around our love for this country. As for the Kalikratis issue… I am dead against it for the reasons I mentioned. I stand firm on my opinion because the system has taught me not to trust them… that simple. And this is because nothing is done for the good of the people in this country…. because the common people are for ever getting poorer… while the rich always get richer. Our leaders are no exception. And yes… after Kissinger's formal remarks in the 70's…. and the support that the west has given Skopje on the name issue, and the “secret meetings” between heads of state in Greece and Turkey, I 100 percent am convinced that there is some dark plan to destablise the whole region….

  4. Please, The system does not corrupt people. The system might let people be corrupt. As I can see it, living here in Greece, the system has been very generous to the people. Like, getting a full pension after 30 working years regardless of age. Or unmarried daughters get their fathers pension as long as they stay unmarried regardless of age. When the government try to change these stupid rules because they can not afford them any more, then the strikes start.

    Corruption and deceit seems to me to be inbuilt in the Greeks from when they are born. Why else would they do everything they can not to honor contracts with their customers or use two different prices, one for their fellow Greeks and one for non Greeks. Why do you have to pay your doctor extra money in the famous envelope to get decent treatment at the hospitals? That has nothing to do with the system, it is the Greeks. As for being corrupt, well, the government probably doesn't pay their employees the best salaries. Why? Because the Greeks do not pay their taxes. There's just not enough money for all the goodies the Geek expect. All Greeks I know about are cheating on their taxes. It just cannot continue.

    As for loving your country, I doubt that very much. Before we moved here people told us how a proud people the Greeks were. It didn't take long to realize that what other people took for pride was, in reality selfishness. With the Greeks it is me, me, me and mine, mine, mine before anything else. As long as I get what I want I don't care about others. Like paying my taxes for the good of the country and my fellow Greek.

    The system in Greece could probably be changed in a few years for the better but change the Greeks to care for other then themselves will take generations.

  5. Greece does indeed suffer from corruption Anonymous, from bottom to top, but our subject here was the Kalikratis law, and not the general character of Greeks. But since you were so willing to comment, and its appreciated, I will repeat that I don't think we are born corrupt… I think its all the shafts that Greeks get on a daily basis that pushes them towards being corrupt. And the reason I say this is because my parents raised me in Canada and they were law-abiding citizens, because the system there respects the citizen. If that were the case in Greece, indeed we would not be discussing corruption now. One question only: Doesn't it upset you that our politicians are forever getting richer, our industrialists are forever fattening their Swiss bank accounts and our unionists are forever demanding more money from us the tax payers to purchase more Villas? That is what should concern you my dear friend…. and that because we common people here are forever getting poorer.

  6. Of course it upsets me. Greece is a wonderful country and has a wonderful and friendly people. But you can not push over responsibility for Greece financial state to a conspiracy theory. Yes it upsets me enormously that politicians and industrialists fill their pockets with the Greek peoples money. Or as typical, doctors and attorneys do not pay almost any taxes until the very last year before they get pension. However, there is no chance, except in a few cases, that they could continue doing that if not all levels in the Greek society wasn't corrupt. It is going through all levels from the politicians downwards to judges, attorneys, police, tax office people and it continues down the whole of the Greek society. Corruption is THE number one thing that destroy a country's economy. Blame that and get rid of it and Greece will slowly get better.
    Obviously the system they have today is not working so what to do? The government has to come up with something new. If the answer is the Kalikrates law with more control, I don't know. Getting rid of corruption is very, very difficult because where to start when everybody is corrupt already.The government needs more money to pay decent salaries so the employees don't have to be corrupt. That means, they need the people to pay their taxes but how to do that when the tax office is corrupt? It is all a big mess.
    You say that you were raised in Canada of law abiding parents. I believe you because where I come from I also knew several decent, hard working and tax paying Greeks. But don't you think it is because they come to a not-so corrupt country with much more control? Without blaming everybody else, why can't they do the same here? You can take something simple but so important as traffic rules. It has nothing to do with corruption but it appears to me that rules and laws do not apply to Greeks. There is where the selfishness come in. Most laws are there for the benefit and safety for the people and of the whole country. If the Greeks cannot be bothered to follow the simplest of laws and being decent to everybody then, as we know, Greece is in big time problem.
    At last, you can't sit and wait that the government will fix everything for you. It comes down to you and all your fellow Greeks to take responsibility and change yourselves and stop blaming everybody else for this mess.

  7. I am starting to enjoy this debate with you Anonymous… I like a contrast of opinions, so thank you for replying.
    The only reason I assume there is a shady story behind the Kalikratis deal, has to do with the fact that Thraki is suffering terribly from an imposed identity crises. I was very specific in my opinion story on why I believe that the Kalikratis deal there, is more about the reserves of the area, then anything else. Formal geological reports have found massive amounts of uranium there, and Turkey knows this too well. That is why they have imposed their culture on the Pomak society there, giving them an identity crises to deal with.
    As for the corruption… I have posted many other stories on this subject throughout the blog, and have given my reasoning on why I believe things are the way they are. So yes… I agree that there is a grave amount of corruption in the country, but I do not believe for one minute that it starts from the bottom and then goes up… but rather the other way around.
    I mean the new law, far from the reasons I listed above, screams out corruption. For many many reasons. For one any discussion on local administrations' reform and modernisation should first be accompanied by the central government's allocation of the millions of euros it already owns to these municipalities. When you don't give the municipalities the funds needed so that the so called plan can overhaul local government, then where are they going to get it from to operate? They will surely milk their way from the people… and when people see this then they feel limited, and unsafe and join the bandwagon because their local, provincial and federal government just see them as a cow who gets milked for money. It is that simple.
    Secondly… they designed the Kalikratis law in accordance with their voting output. That in itself screams out corruption… it is not the “fakelaki” that doctors and lawyers receive, which I agree with you is ridiculous, it is also a corrupt government and system that actually inspires people down the ladder to be corrupt to survive.
    You want to know what people tell me here… they tell me firstly that I am a romantic.. that I actually believe in democracy… and second they always tell me that “tha se fane laxano giati den eise poniri” because you are an honest and bright person.
    I always answer this way… I would rather be a romantic and believe that citizens deserve to live in a democracy, and I am grateful that I am not poniri… but rather bright enough to understand what is really going on…

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