How and why have illegal migrants occupied our university buildings? With what right?

A Greek prosecutor on January 26th ordered an investigation into how more than 200 illegal immigrants on hunger strike were allowed to occupy an Athens university building. University authorities and police have blamed each other for the incident, which led the opposition to call for an end to a law that prevents police from entering university grounds without special permission. The illegal migrants, mostly from North Africa, launched the strike at the Athens University Law School on Tuesday after taking a ferry from the island of Crete. They are demanding legal residence and work status for more than 500,000 illegal immigrants here in Greece. The Socialist government ruled out considering the demands, but is that enough?
Turkey has a vision of re-establishing the Ottoman Empire across Europe… much like Hitler had a vision of establishing a large Germany…. and because of this is a gateway for hundreds of thousands of Muslims from many many different countries in the East and Northern Africa who want by force to enter into the European Union.
Turkey lifted the visa issue with many Muslim countries and as a result hundreds of thousands of Muslims are moving into Turkey with the hope of infesting Greek boarders and then European ones. I also believe that they want a good number of Muslims in this country so that they can move ahead with their plans to conquer Thraki in the north and the Aegean sea…. 
They are transporting, or moving, all these people, who are of unknown origin and train them to destroy their papers and passports and demand political asylum so that they can be given access, or a ticket, to our country and to other European nations.
I am now afraid.  When the uprising in northern Africa started, I actually applauded the people in Tunisia, for I thought that they deserved to be treated as humans instead of numbers….. now I have come to the conclusion that that is not why they suddenly woke up.  And certainly…. I do not applaud the way they have adopted to a climate of violence.

As the days go by and I witness so much violence being spread across other nations in northern Africa such as Egypt, and today in Yemen, and after hearing that 300 Muslims seized the Athens University and other public buildings in Greece a few days ago to begin a hunger strike with the demand that the government give political asylum to over 500,000 illegal immigrants that forced their way into this country from Turkey…. I can only fear that this is going to turn very ugly. 
Who are these people anyway? You cannot invade someone’s country, unlawfully seize their buildings and then have the audacity to even have demands! If this happened on your doorstep, in your country would the government just stand back and watch? Would they use force to calm the masses? My best guess is that they would. They are not doing so here in Greece for many reasons…. one of which I believe has to do with turning public attention away from the real problems that are plaguing this country. Can’t they see that they are opening a Pandora’s Box that might backfire?
Why do all these nations, including our current government, want to create such an unstable environment here in Greece? We are such a peaceful people and for tens of decades we never had a problem with arabic nations… but this is too much!
Why so many blows against this nation? Every day there is something new happening and to be quite frank I am sick and tired of it…. Is the problem too large to handle? Is this invasion, or war, already in the process? Is this all preplanned? Is this all because they want to autonomize the prefecture of Thraki and have access to an area in the Aegean where there is natural gas and petrol?
Is anyone listening to our cries of despair… our anguish… our fears? We need help… on an international level. We have already fallen to our knees in economic tyranny from God knows what and whom… we cannot lose our nation to a handful of invaders! Greeks all over the world need to rise and unite their voices now… !!!

2 responses to “How and why have illegal migrants occupied our university buildings? With what right?

  1. Very powerful post. And very scary situation. I'm not always in tune with what's going on around the world, but I have noticed a lot of volatile situations around Europe (although I had no idea of things like this going on in Greece). I'm not sure where things are headed but I do believe that there are social revolutions and social changes going on everywhere. Most of which we are not equipped to handle, emotionally, psychologically and in every other way. I’d like to think that violence will not transpire, but I’m much too cynical to believe that. I have sympathy for the citizens of Greece who are already dealing with so many other issues. And you are right about the Greeks being a peaceful people. They really don’t bother anyone; they just want to be left alone to live their lives.

    By the way, Canada would not react in a forceful way to these types of situations. The people are too polite, overly politically correct and much too passive. So if we had this type of situation, chances are a lot of these illegal migrants would end up staying here, and end up being taken care of by the taxpayers. Just saying.

  2. You are right Plowing Through Life… even though its sad and twisted. Instead of wasting money on supporting wars, richer nations need to support poorer nations to develop and keep their citizens within their boarders. Taxpayers are not obligated to sustain a system that is unfair for their pockets… because they are only allowing the rich to become even richer… and they are indirectly adding to the problem and not helping to resolve it. I don't think that we will ever witness a resolution to such issues in our lifetime…
    I too am concerned about what is going on here in Greece, political parties are using this situation to score points with leftist groups… and I also really believe that they are trying to scare us as a people. I also believe that they needed a large issue to dominate the news so that the masses here can move their attention away from the really big issues. The illegal immigrants were moved away from the university in the wee hours of the morning to another building… but that has not resolved the problem. I don't know who organized this, or why…. and to whose benefit… but it is firing up alot of illegal immigrants here and you know what they say… when you play with fire… you will get burned.

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